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Cindy Dana


I moved to Ocean Shores in 2017 after retiring from Boeing.

I’ve always loved Arts and Crafts and have had one project or another going.  I enjoy painting (all mediums) making decorations for the different seasons, ceramics and pottery. Moving to such a wonderful artistic community has been eye opening and beyond enjoyable.


I now participate in the annual Art Splash Studio Tour in Ocean Shores and put my creations in the newly opened Grays Harbor Potters Guild in Hoquiam.  


The thought of my creations being in others homes to enjoy is absolutely wonderful. I’ve had the opportunity to learn so many art mediums since moving here and look forward to learning even more. Sometimes I think back at where I started 4 years ago, painting rocks and leaving them around town. Now I have hundreds of multi-media creations in others homes to enjoy as much as I enjoy creating them.


Besides the Arts I enjoy the beach walks, clam digging and crabbing.  I work a couple days a month at a local Pub when help is needed.  Every spring I look forward to putting in a veggie garden and eating the fresh produce I grow.

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