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Evelyn Cheung


Evelyn Cheung, known as Evie in her clay group, has always been an avid crafter, and loves gardening despite having what she jokingly called a "mostly black" thumb.  She got bitten by the clay bug unexpectedly in the early Spring of 2019.  When bead embroidery caused her serious neck, shoulder and arm problems, her husband found her a beginners pottery class as a distraction.


"The clay speaks to me, and I experience this same serenity that only gardening has given me in the past."  said Evie.  After joining a clay studio by the month, she met the fellow founding members of the Grays Harbor Potters Guild Harbor Guild. With their unselfish sharing of knowledge and constant encouragement, Evie started to gain confidence as a newbie potter.  Being an Asian American borned and grew up in Hong Kong, it’s unsurprising that some of her pieces reflect an Oriental influence.


"I have a long way to go, and there's so much to learn and experiment with.  But in the meantime, I want to share my passion in clay with as many people as I possibly can."  

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